Do you know your sports? Do you like winning free stuff? Well, we've got a fun sports trivia challenge for you!

Starting on Friday 06/08/18, Greg Larnerd, Host of The Word With G 6-7pm, on ESPN1420am will be challenging you, the listener, on your sports knowledge. It's a summer Free Shirt Friday Trivia Challenge.

Every Friday during the warm summer months G will be posing a trivia question to you sometime between the 6-7pm hour of the show with a chance to win a "The Word With G" T-Shirt.

How it Works:

  • As mentioned, the challenge will run every single Friday throughout the summer
  • G will pose a question over the air and the first caller to call in at: 337-269-1077 or tweet @ESPN1420 with the correct answer wins a free :The Word With G" T-Shirt (Sizes ranging from S-XXL)
  • There will be no repeat winners on back-to-back weeks
  • Questions will range from local to national sports topics

It's that easy!

So, are you ready to accept The Word With G Free Shirt Friday Challenge? Tune in every Friday between 6-7pm for YOUR chance to win! #BornReady


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