Antonio, a 99-year-old Italian man, is so upset with his wife that he wants out of the marriage. Seems like the norm today until you find out they’ve been married 77 years.

Antonio C (as he is referred to in official documents) was rummaging through an old chest of drawers right before Christmas when he found some letters that his wife Rosa, 96, had written to a lover back in the 1940′s. Letters are like Facebook for old people. Even though the affair took place a half-century ago, Antonio was so ticked off that he’s now demanding a divorce.

According to court papers released in Rome, the couple have five children, a dozen grandchildren and one great-grand child and the proclivity to keep junk from sixty years ago. If the divorce actually happens, Antonio and Rosa will be the oldest pair ever to end their marriage, besting a 98-year-old UK couple who split after 36 years together in 2009.

The lesson here is clear: always burn the evidence or just die already!

[Via Telegraph]