If Jurassic Park taught us one thing, it’s that we should never open a park comprised solely of dinosaurs. Sure, the new park Field Station: Dinosaurs opening up in Seacaucus, New Jersey will be animatronic dinosaurs but whose to say they won’t short circuit, freak out and eat everybody? It seems like people never learn.

Field Station: Dinosaur, set to open in May of 2012, will span twenty-six acres and will feature thirty-one various dinosaurs in a natural environment comprised of a rock formation that is over 150 million years old. Going for authenticity, they have employed paleontologists and curators from the New Jersey Museum to help with a ‘dino petting zoo’.

At a paltry $17.50 per ticket, it’s a great place to take, or possibly lose, a date. There’s actually something scarier about robot dinosaurs than there is regular dinosaurs. Also, put anything in New Jersey, and it doubles the scariness.

[Via NJ.com]