Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett has had an outstanding career. As a 3-time All-Star, Beckett has won two World Series Championships (2003 Marlins, 2007 Red Sox), a World Series MVP, an ALCS MVP, and a Babe Ruth award.

However, all is not well in Beantown. The Red Sox care more about what you give in the present rather than what you've done in the past. Beckett is struggling this year, sporting a 4.57 ERA and a losing record of 5-9. He's also been testy with both the Boston media and Red Sox nation.

MLB executives everywhere are clamoring about Beckett being on the trading block. Tomorrow marks the trade deadline, but Josh will have to agree to any potential trade. As a ten year veteran with at least five years on the same team, Beckett has the right to veto any deal. Another issue that could keep Beckett from leaving Boston is his salary. He's due $31.5 million over the next two seasons and is owed approximately $6 million for the remainder of this year. The Red Sox would have to agree to pay the majority of that salary with a potential suitor.