For a team with only one realiable big-man defender, and learning to play together on the fly, the U.S. men's basketball team has a few weaknesses that opponents will try to exploit.

The most glaring weakness is their lack of size. With Tyson Chandler (pictured left) as the only reliable big-man defender (Kevin Love is a below average defender, Anthony Davis only gets garbage time due to lack of experience), team USA uses small lineups for large portions of play. Also, if Chandler gets into foul trouble (which he has a history of), coach Mike Krzyzewski must use a smaller lineup. When that happens, opposing teams like Spain can attack the U.S. in the post.

However, it's just only about post play.With so many similarly built players, the Americans must switch on screens all over the floor. Wing-wing switches can create serious mismatches.

For a more in depth breakdown of how opponents will attack team USA, click here. The story comes to you from Zach Lowe of the basketball blog The Point Forward.