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Celeb Crush—Britt Robertson
Britt Robertson likes a little southern comfort as she was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. The cute blonde has been active in Hollywood since 2000, but landed her own television series, 'Swingtown,' in 2008.
Christina Ricci — Celeb Crush
One of the oldest entries in our (pretty embarrassing and secret) crush book, Ricci stole our hearts in 1991 as Wednesday Addams in 'The Addams Family;' she's had a pretty firm grip ever since.
After the two AF films, Ricco starred as Kat in 'Casper,' in 1995, thus beginning our still-lingering resen…
Celeb Crush—Doreen Taylor
Country artist Doreen Taylor must have fallen from heaven, because her singing voice is so angelic. The blonde babe is considered one of the best young songwriting talents in the industry. She's also our Celeb Crush.
Celeb Crush—Seychelle Gabriel
Seychelle Gabriel's first role (at three weeks old) might have been as an actual baby in 'The Wonder Years,' but the now-21-year-old has officially turned into a legitimate babe all these years later.
Celeb Crush—Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon is a Jersey girl through and through. The former 'That '70s Show' and current 'Orange is the New Black' (the new Netflix show) star resides in her hometown of Watchung, New Jersey when not gigging in Hollywood.

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