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Celeb Crush of the Day—Arayna Eison
Arayna Eison is a bit new when it comes to the world of Hollywood acting, as the exotic model only booked two small roles in 'Madea's Family Reunion' and 'Mr. Box Office' before being cast as Cinderella in the brand new television series 'Ray Donovan.'
Celeb Crush of the Day—Ruth Wilson
Most people under 30 have almost no reference of 'The Lone Ranger,' the fictional Texas Ranger-turned vigilante who fights bad guys in the American West alongside his Native American sidekick Tonto.
Deborah Ann Woll – Celeb Crush
Deborah Ann Woll would want to suck on you if she was a vampire like Jessica Hamby, her character in the popular television series 'True Blood' -- but she's probably not a vampire in real life.
Miranda Frigon – Celeb Crush
Miranda Frigon loves to role-play -- which makes a lot of sense since she's a multi-talented actress, singer/songwriter, professionally trained dancer, and even a former gymnast.

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