Oakland Raiders cornerback Tracy Porter seems to be bitter at his team. The former New Orleans Saint had worn #22 his entire career. When he signed with Oakland a few months ago, #22 belonged to Taiwan Jones, so Porter took #24. Now #24 has been "TAKEN" from him and he isn't too happy about it.

All-Pro cornerback Charles Woodson resigned with the Raiders this offseason after spending the last 7 seasons with the Green Bay Packers. Prior to his time in Green Bay, Woodson played the first 8 years of his career with the Raiders. Many Raider fans still own #24 jerseys with WOODSON displayed on the back.

Having worn #24 his whole career, and being that he's a popular player among Oakland fans, I can understand Woodson's desire to wear the number. However, history has taught us that numbers aren't for free. Many players are prideful about their jersey numbers, and are often compensated if asked to give it up.

Perhaps Porter wanted to negotiate a sale of the number with the proceeds going to charity? Maybe the proceeds going to his bank account? Or maybe Porter just really, really wanted to wear #24.

Judging from Porter's tweets, more than anything it appears that Porter at least wanted a say in the matter.


Considering Woodson's popularity in Oakland, Porter likely won't win this battle with Raider nation. Having said that, the Raiders could've at least pretended to give him a choice in the decision.