I see these things going on daily around Lafayette, though I'm sure they happen everywhere. We're all smarter than this!

What I'm more interested in is getting drivers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to stop doing stupid things that can lead to crashes. I see these things going on daily around Lafayette, though I'm sure they happen everywhere. We're all smarter than this!

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    Letting People In/Out

    You might think you're 'being nice' by letting someone out of a parking lot or onto a street, but what you're really doing is creating a situation that can lead to a crash. If you let someone in or out while approaching a green light, other drivers you slow down will speed up to make the light and may end up going on yellow or running the red light. Also, people you're letting out of a parking lot may not be able to see where they're going as well as you can, which can lead to a collision.

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    Stopping In The Middle Of An Intersection

    The light's still green, you think you can make it, but then it changes and you're suddenly parked in the middle of the intersection of Ridge and Ambassador. Don't do this, folks. You should always look ahead 15 - 20 seconds to see what's coming up. (or in the case of Lafayette traffic, maybe make it 30 seconds ahead)

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    Braking Incorrectly On Wet Roads

    There's been some confusion over the years about this: should you pump your brakes on wet roads? This was the recommended practice in the days before ABS brakes. The best practice today is to apply steady and appropriate pressure on your brakes when you need to slow down on wet roads.

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    Making Last Minute Lane Change Decisions

    We all have times where we need to change our route for some reason, but it's too late to make that change when you're first in line at a green light and there's someone already in the turn lane you suddenly want to use. It's safer for everybody (and not that much harder for you) to just keep going and turn around in a parking lot or driveway.

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    Talking On Your Phone/Anything But Driving

    When I was a teacher at Catholic High School in New Iberia years ago, one of our students flipped his truck when he over - corrected due to texting instead of paying attention to the road. Thankfully, he was unhurt because he had his seatbelt on, but his parents asked to have his damaged truck displayed in the school's car line to show other students what can happen when they're not paying attention to the road.

    Maybe you're not texting, you're talking. Fine, get some $5 earbuds and put a bud in one ear while you're driving so you can go hands - free. Pull over to dial a number or use the voice feature that most phones have now to have it dial the number for you. Also, if you're in a conversation so engrossing you have to slow down, consider pulling over in a parking lot or waiting until you get home to have that conversation.

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    C'mon, cher, slow it down!

    I'm guilty of many of these, but this might be my worst offense: I occasionally speed when I'm late. The fact is, doing 45 in a 30 will only shave off a few seconds when it comes to getting where you're going. I'm no math genius, but that's not worth the risk that comes with speeding.

    Also, we can all do some advance planning before we leave home, work, or wherever it might be so we're not rushing around like a bunch of long - tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs.