Ronda Rousey defended her UFC title in under a minute again, and she told Bethe Correia not to cry after dealing her swift justice.

This fight was a little personal for Rousey at UFC 190, after Correia stirred up emotions regarding the death of Rousey's father, who committed suicide. Rousey said in several interviews that she wanted to prove a point with this fight that stoking up the past and making light of suicide is the fast track to a whooping. Correia could only withstand 34 seconds of the onslaught before getting caught with a right hand to the temple.

Most Ronda Rousey fights end quickly, but this finish had a particular edge to it. The barrage of punches came from the very start. Correia didn't stand a chance.

Can anybody stop Rousey? Right now she looks flatout indestructible. Whatever fighter wants a piece of her next should take heed from the Correia fight and keep the talk strictly about what happens in the Octagon. If you make it personal, nobody can save you from "Rowdy" Rousey.

Rousey had a simple message for Correia after the fight ended, "Don't cry."

Stand aside and observe the champ in awe. She's the most dominant thing in fight sports, and if you blink you might miss an entire fight.