It only took 13 seconds for Conor McGregor to prove to the world that his bite his far worse than his bark at UFC 194, and Jose Aldo couldn’t even believe it.

I can’t blame Aldo for his failure to recognize what happened to him. In a daze after the fight, he couldn’t admit he was cold-cocked. In a matter of seconds, the UFC’s only Featherweight Champion was knocked out and defeated for the first time in a decade. McGregor’s mouth wrote a massive check, and his left hand cashed it with deadly precision.

All throughout the buildup to the fight, McGregor taunted and belittled Aldo. He stole his belt at weigh-ins and public events, but farther than that, he disrespected the former champ. After Aldo dropped out of their first scheduled fight date, “The Notorious” Conor McGregor turned up his vitriol toward Aldo. If the brash Irishmen out of Dublin didn’t come through, he would have looked like a joke. Instead, he undressed one of the best fighters in the history of the UFC in historic fashion.

McGregor registered the fastest KO in a championship fight in the history of the UFC. His left hand to the jaw was a shot seen around the world.

Technically speaking, it was a piece of perfection. McGregor preached precision over power after the fight, and the tape tells his tale true. The punch didn’t require a windup. He simply saw an opening and popped Aldo on the button. Lights out.

In an international battle of Brazil vs Ireland, South America vs Europe, Southern Hemisphere vs Northern Hemisphere, McGregor set the world on fire. It wasn’t just the folks in Dublin celebrating with him. There’s a reason he is going on the cover of EA Sports’ most recent UFC video game…the man sells. He sells everything: fights, merchandise, papers, you name it.

Dana White just found his own Mike Tyson, except McGregor isn’t a teenager. He’s a 27-year old young man with the entire world of fight sports at his feet, and he doesn’t mind the spotlight one bit.

I’m not sure what’s quicker, his wit or his strikes. He proved against Aldo that his technique in the Octagon is honed as sharply as his silver tongue.

The reign of Conor McGregor just begun, and it could be a tenure of terror for the rest of the Featherweight crop. Every sport has their phenoms. Boxing had Ali, and right now MMA has McGregor. Love him or hate him, you shouldn’t miss a fight.