When a story broke this week that the St. Louis Rams called Brett Favre's agent to gauge the 44-year old's interest at suiting up for St. Louis, the sports world awaited Favre's answer. His answer was "no", and the internet avoided exploding.

However, the entire pitch to acquire Favre was "just a joke", according to the Rams.

In a report from NFL.com, one St. Louis employee claims it was all a misunderstanding.

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A Rams official initially inquired about recently signed developmental quarterback Austin Davis, who just happens to share the same agent with Favre. While he had Bus Cook on the phone, the official offhandedly quipped, "Hey, what about Favre?"

Favre To Rams Was Simply A Joke, Or Was It?

I've learned this the hard way. Don't make jokes at Brett Favre's expense.

His supporters are ample and ready to defend. They'll make your life hell.

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Unless you look like these girls.