Ragin' Cajun Nation didn't let a little rain ruin their fun for UL Homecoming, and I went out to find the true fans braving the weather on Halloween.

With bragging rights on the line over the rivals in Monroe, it was important to see which fans made sure to bring their weather gear. It was a week for rubber boots, tents, tarps and more importantly, devotion. All the people I interacted with on that soggy Saturday bled vermilion and white.

Of course, the costumes were on display. Multiple Mugatus, Ms. Delcambre (who took home the $100 gift card to Academy) and "Clay's Big Dump" (watch the video and you'll laugh) were about for the trick-or-treating festivities, and the rain didn't stop their fun.

You know what made everything better? A win at the end of the day. Cajun Nation was soaked to the bone and disparaged in the first half. They left with a smile.

It was also my pleasure to celebrate my birthday with the best people in the country.

Thanks to Krewe Sans Manches for their hospitality, as always, and the rest of Cajun Nation for making me feel at home. We have a few weeks left to hangout on Ragin' Cajun Tailgate TV, brought to you by Hampton Toyota, so make sure to enjoy every second of it. I know I will.

See you out at the tailgate.