‘American Idol‘ is now in its 11th year, and while the show no longer brings the water cooler heat that it did back in the Clay vs. Ruben days (OH THOSE DAYS!), there are still more than a few reasons a guy might want to tune in, besides to appease a significant other or marvel at the insanely ridiculous things Steven Tyler will say and wear.

We’ve noticed, still young into this season, that some of the female contestants are talented in ways that have nothing to do with their vocal chords. Check out a few ‘Idol’ wannabes that we wouldn’t mind giving our golden ticket to (we mean we’d like them to move on so we can see more of them, perv) and let us know if there are any comely lasses we missed because we decided to spend our Sunday night watching football. In other words, clue us in if we missed any other hot Idol hopefuls.

Jennifer Diley

Hallie Day

Ashley Robles and Jessica Sanchez

Aubree Dieckmeyer

[Via PopCrush]