Female reporters aren't the only people that get attacked by idiots on social media, but you probably don't know the extent of the harassment they put up with.

On top of dealing with gender stereotypes, physical expectations and other unfair appraisals at the work place, women in media hear (or read) hateful things on a regular basis, thanks to social media and the internet age. Internet trolls indiscriminately hating on benign topics is one thing, but hate speech is hate speech.

In a PSA for the #MoreThanMean campaign, real men read actual tweets that were sent to female reporters. The women, sportswriter Julie DiCaro and ESPN radio host/contributor Sarah Spain, are sitting directly in front of the men (who didn't write the tweets) who have to deliver messages that nobody should ever have to listen to.

WARNING: Although all the offensive language is censored, the messages are still full of mature content. Also, it gets very hard to watch. Keep watching.

The men, who were told they would be participating in a Jimmy Kimmel style "Mean Tweets" segment, clearly struggled to say some of the verbal abuse those women are subjected to:

"One of the players should beat you to death with their hockey stick like the whore you are."

"I hope your boyfriend beats you."

"I hope you get raped again."

And those are only three of the tweets. As the PSA says, "Some women in sports are harassed online just for doing their jobs."

Erin Andrews went through a very public legal process after a man violated her privacy, robbed her of her sense of self and security, and exposed her to an unkind general public. The court awarded her millions of dollars, but a pile of cash won't mend the deeper damage done. What happened to her was illegal and offensive, plain and simple. Cyber bullying is different than stalking, but what makes this other form of daily harassment any more acceptable?

The anonymity of the internet provides a mask for commenters to hide behind, but the reality is, there are actual human beings typing the keystrokes. How could somebody possibly hate a sports reporter enough to wish death, or rape, upon them? It's disgusting and appalling, and it happens every day.

The video wasn't supposed to just make your stomach churn, it was designed to encourage you to change the situation. Women in most occupations don't have to deal with this issue, so why should reporters? Make it stop, any way possible.