Every sports fan loves seeing an underdog do the unthinkable (unless it's against their team). One minute, you know nothing about a school or their team, and the next minute, you're screaming like hell for that school to upset one of the "big boys." That's one of the great beauties of college football.

Who can forget Boise State's improbable win over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl over 5 years ago. Overtime, hook-and-ladders, a Statue of Liberty two-point conversion that gave them the upset...it felt like a Hollywood movie. After the win, star Bronco running back Ian Johnson proposed to his girlfriend...a Boise State cheerleader. For all those reasons and more, that upset is one of the most memorable of the BCS Era. However, there are 24 other great upsets of the last 15 years.

Click here to check out the top 25 college football upsets of the BCS Era. It comes to you from John Coon of Yahoo! sports.