If you're a Nolan Ryan fan, chances are you look fondly on August 4, 1993.

That was the day Robin Ventura of the Chicago White Sox charged the mound after being hit by a pitch from the 46 year old Ryan, who was pitching for the Texas Rangers.  Ryan managed to get Ventura in a headlock and delivered several blows before benches emptied and Ryan was knocked to the ground.

The bench clearing incident lasted several minutes. It looked as though Ryan was beating Ventura pretty severely, but a later replay from center field showed most of the blows Ryan threw landed on the top of Ventura's head, prompting the Sox third baseman to refer to them as "noogies."

Ventura was ejected from the game, as was White Sox manager Gene Lamont, who went crazy on the home plate umpire when he realized Ryan would be allowed to remain in the game.

You can see the video here..  It features the White Sox announcers.