The biggest stage will play host to American's biggest game on Sunday when Super Bowl XLVII kicks off Sunday in New Orleans. Looking back at the previous 46 Super Bowls, some moments stick out more than others. In some cases, they stick out like a sore thumb., a comedy website, has put together a list of the six worst (and in somecases funny) moments in Super Bowl history. The article is actually titled The 5 Worst Moments in Super Bowl History — FAIL, yet the list contains six moments.

That's okay. Who doesn't like one more? Maybe Leon Lett doesn't. After all, that one more yard allowed him to cement himself in Super Bowl history...and not for a good play.

Yes, Leon Lett makes the cut. I mean how could he not. Super Bowl XXVII was a boring 52-17 blowout for the Cowboys. Leave it to Lett to keep it interesting. The play had no effect on the game's outcome, yet stands out as an iconic Super Bowl moment. Thank you Leon.

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