Despite giving up 40 points, 454 yards, and 3 straight touchdown scoring drives in the 4th quarter, the Houston Texans defense refused to acknowledge the dominant nature of the New Orleans Saints offense. Texans safety Glover Quin quipped, "We just didn't make plays that we needed to make. It wasn't like they're something special." Other members of the Texans secondary agreed. If the Saints offense is "nothing special," wouldn't that make the performance of Houston's secondary even more dire than what they showed on Sunday?

To read more on the Texans inability to give due credit and inability to cover anyone, click here to read's Texan blogger Paul Kuharsky's analysis on a Houston defense that's in denial. Kuharksy has been covering the Texans for 4 years, and recognizes Houston's inefficiencies in the secondary, and in the postgame press conference after a loss.