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BCS: SEC 1-2-3
The new BCS Standings are out and it's a clean sweep for the Southeastern Conference.
LSU, Alabama and Arkansas are 1-2-3 in the latest rankings.
Oklahoma State, who dropped their first game over the weekend, fell to fourth, with Virginia Tech, 10-1, checking in at #5...
From the Bird’s Nest: My Harris Poll Vote
Finally, a shakeup in the top ten.
I've pretty much voted the same in the top nine the last three weeks.  But now, there's been some separation.  As a result of so many teams losing (especially in the lower seven) it took a while for me to rank the teams this week...
From the Bird’s Nest: Five Intriguing Games This Weekend
Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the number of undefeated teams in college football decrease significantly as top teams play one another.  While there are no unbeaten vs. unbeaten matchups this week, there are some games that will certainly affect the top ten...

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