nfl lockout

Brees Sees Lack Of Good Faith In Owners
When the NFL owners decided to lockout the players, many looked to Drew Brees for player perspective. In response, Brees has not been shy to express his opinion. He sees an absence of good faith on the part of the owners in their decision to lockout the league.
NFL: Judges ruling brings up more questions than answers
Less than 24 hours after a federal judges ended the NFL lockout, at least for now, players started showing up for work, only to be told they could enter the building, but were not allowed to work out.
Meanwhile, the NFL has asked for a stay in the ruling, but judge Susan Richard Nelson said she would…
Saints Preseason Schedule Released
If there is an NFL preseason, the Saints will play at home Weeks 1 and 4, and on the road Weeks 2 and 3. A nationally televised game on NBC against the Oakland Raiders in the 3rd week of the preseason highlights the 4 game slate.
Vilma Unhappy About Lockout
New Orleans Saints pro-bowl middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma is unhappy about the current NFL lockout. "It's never a good look for the fans to have the players and the owners arguing over money," explained Vilma.
Chris Ivory Sorting New Waters
New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory is sailing through unchartered waters this offseason. The Saints 2010 leading rusher is rehabbing from offseason surgery, and searching for a place to stay in shape during the NFL lockout.