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A-Rod Hit By Pitch, Breaks Hand
Despite having the best record in all of baseball, the New York Yankees have had their share of injuries this season, some of them to key players.

You can now add Alex Rodriguez to that list.
Fenway Park Turns 100
Many baseball parks were built in the early 1900's.
Only one has survived.
Boston's Fenway Park has survived more  than one fire, and more than one attempt to replace it with another new, state of the art park.
We've seen a lot happen there...
Ivan Rodriguez Set to Announce Retirement
There's a little bit of irony that two of the greatest catchers ever are nicknamed "Pudge."
Carlton Fisk had that nickname on his way to catching the most games in major league history with the Red Sox and White Sox.  He wound up in the Hall of Fame...
Yanks’ Chamberlain Suffers Dislocation of Ankle
New York Yankees' right-hander Joba Chamberlain was hoping to come back this season after undergoing Tommy John surgery in June.
Now he faces another battle.
Chamberlain underwent surgery last night after suffering an open dislocation of the right ankle while playing with his son...

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