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Beyond The Mic: Paul May Sue League For Attempting To Nix Trade
A group of owners have protested the league-owned Hornets trade of Chris Paul to the Lakers. The trade now appears to be in peril. Paul is appealing via the union, and could sue the league as soon as possible. Hornets General Manager Dell Demps is absolutely livid that the league is trying to step i…
Hornets Eye Trade Targets For Paul
Hornets GM Dell Demps phone is ringing off the hook as offers continue to pour in from hopeful trade suitors that wish to land Chris Paul. ESPN sources are reporting that Warriors guard Stephen Curry and Clippers guard Eric Gordon are the two biggest targets of the Hornets in a potential trade for P…
Paul Says He Has Not Requested Trade
A Yahoo! sports report today claimed Chris Paul's agent told the New Orleans Hornets his client did not want to sign an extension with the team, and was requesting a trade to the New York Knicks. However, the Times-Picayune is reporting, through two NBA sources, that Paul has not requested a tr…
Hornets Pick Up Option On Marco Belinelli
The New Orleans Hornets picked up their team option of starting shooting guard Marco Belinelli today. Belinelli's option is worth $3.377 next year. Hornets backup power forward Jason Smith's option was not picked up by the team, making him an unrestricted free agent.
Does The Hornets Future Look Grim?
David West's announcement Monday that he would opt out of his contract and become a free agent was a tough pill for Hornet fans to swallow. In the last year, Hornet fans have swallowed many bitter pills. From ownership issues, to Chris Paul's toast at Carmelo Anthony's wedding, to bar…
West Remains Undecided
New Orleans Hornets power forward David West told reporters today he is still undecided as to whether he will opt out of the final year of his contract. If West exercises his player option, he would have one year remaining on his contract worth $7.5 million. He must decide by June 30th.
Williams Says West’s Rehab Ahead Of Schedule
Hornets head coach Monty Williams has been in consistent contact with David West as he continues to rehab his surgically repaired knee. Williams claims David's rehab is, at a minimum, on schedle, but more than likely ahead of schedule.
Hornets Want Pieces Around CP3
Hornets general manager Dell Demps insinuated that his team would identify key players this offseason to surround Chris Paul with. As his current contract stands, Paul will be able to opt out at the end of next season. Demps and the Hornets want Paul around long-term. The best chance of that happeni…
Appreciate The Moment Hornet Fans
If you're a Hornet fan, chances are, you think about all the uncertainty of the future. Will there be an NBA lockout? Will David West recover from his knee injury? Will he opt out, resign, or test free agency? Will Chris Paul want to stick around New Orleans after next season? You might also ha…

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