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Which Conference Is Better…The SEC Or The Big XII?
The SEC has been considered the top football conference in the country for  a long time now.
But has the Big XII closed the gap this year?
The SEC has what many consider the top two teams in the country, in Alabama and LSU, but the Big XII has two top-five teams themselves, in Oklahoma and Oklahoma St…
Lack Of Smart Thinking In Conference Realignments
Last year, Nebraska left the Big XII to join the Big Ten, while Colorado left the Big XII to join Utah, who left the Mountain West Conference, to join the new Pac-12.
Recently, Texas A&M announced they will leave the Big XII, and are expected to join the SEC, and recent reports say that Missouri …
Big 12, Big East Leftovers Talking Merger
With speculation that the Big 12 and Big East are going to cease to exist as we know them, the schools that could be left behind in conference realignment are talking about coming together.
Sources close to the situation say that the two conferences would merge under the Big 12 umbrella because of a …
If Big XII Folds, Nobody Wins
The Big XII lost Nebraska and Colorado last year. They will lose Texas A&M next year, and there's a possibility that Oklahoma will soon follow.
If the Sooners do leave, expect numerous others to follow, which would likely mean the end of the Big XII.
Expansion Candidates For The Big XII
Now the Texas A&M has announced they will leave the Big XII by 2012, if they are accepted by another league, that would actually make that conference the Big IX.
Colorado left this year to become a member of the Pac-12, and Nebraska joined the Big Ten.
With nine teams, and with the possibility…
A&M One Step Closer to Departing Big XII
Texas A&M today released a statement saying that they are going to explore other conference opportunities.
While today's statement doesn't say the Aggies are definitely leaving the Big XII, the statement is seen by many to be just the latest fodder in the "will they or won&…
Texas A&M, SEC Talking???
According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, Texas A&M is seriously considering a move to the Southeastern Conference.
Texas Governor Rick Perry was asked about it and says conversations are being held.