Former New Orleans Saints safety and special teamer Steve Gleason is upset at HBO Sports for misquoting him. Gleason was asked about former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' speech the night before a playoff matchup with the San Francisco 49ers.

Gleason, who is suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, sent an e-mail to, saying, "In my opinion, speeches like the one given by Gregg Williams are not the cause of increased rate of brain disease in the NFL population. The increased rate of brain disease in the NFL population is caused by the way the game is played within the rules."

Yesterday, many mainstream media outlets quoted Gleason as saying, "The real problem was no one seemed shocked. ... There was no discussion of 'Wow, did we just hear that?'"

Gleason claims he was misquotes, and as a result, the headlines were leading readers to believe he was indicting Saints players and coaches.

HBO will change their subtitles to match the comments Gleason made in the Real Sports piece.

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