The final day of the annual Louisiana High School Athletics Association meetings is definitely a busy one.

Just a couple of days after doubling down on the public-private school split playoff system for high school football (LHSAA Executive Committee members voted 2 to 1 in favor of it to undo the unconstitutionality of the vote taken by principals three years ago), principals have now ratified a proposal to implement the split in other sports such as baseball, basketball and softball. The proposal was submitted by Many High School principal Norman Booker.

Kevin Foote, Twitter

According to ESPN 1420 and The Daily Advertiser's Kevin Foote, the "split vote was 60.3 percent vote." The vote was 182-to-120. Foote says the split will be effective July 1.

There was also an elite program proposal presented by Catholic of New Iberia Principal Ray Simon that was rejected by a 160-110 vote.

"So they want a split, but they don't want a powerhouse program like LCA hoops or Notre dame football to be able to play up. What a farce," exclaimed Foote on Twitter.

How will this work logistically and could this result in a complete separation in which private schools form their own association are just two of the main questions resulting from this.

Meanwhile, good news for the officials as their pay raise was passed 91.8 percent. There was the possibility that if their pay raise wasn't approved that the threat of a strike could have happened. If you'll remember, there were concerns that officials would strike for football season until raises were approved on a short-term basis. That short-term basis was set to last until this week.