Early this morning, the most damning evidence of Gregg Williams and his pay for performance tactics when he was the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints was released. Speculation as to whether Williams will receive a lifetime ban from the NFL has been up for debate.

Ashely Fox of espn.com has stated her case as to why Williams should be banned for life. Click here to read her point of view.

Don Banks of cnnsi.com believes that banning Williams forever would be a mistake, and the league has a good chance to right some wrong by making Gregg the face of change. Click here to check it out.

Both NFL writers make compelling arguments. However, Banks' point about Williams' willingness to change is a good one. By making him disappear for life, the issue of "bounties" and player safety will disappear from the public consciousness as well. That doesn't mean it'll actually disappear from the game itself.

Ultimately, I think Gregg Williams will receive a lifetime ban. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has ruled with an iron fist since taking the chair from Paul Tagliabue. He's worried about the league's bottom dollar more than he is player safety. Out of fear of current and potential lawsuits from former players, Goodell has shown that he will go way overboard with punishments in order to project a particular league image. In this case, it will be the image that the league cares about player safety. That's his best chance to making bounties "disappear"....from the sports page.