Serena Williams started chasing greatness at a young age, and she finally caught it at the Australian Open. It was only fitting she did it against her sister, Venus.

She won the Austalian Open final in straight sets (6-4, 6-4) to become the first man or woman to ever win 23 Grand Slam titles in the Open Era. Not only did her win catapult her into history, it also put her back on top of tennis as the world's #1 ranked player.

Williams is now the greatest female tennis player of all time by the numbers. Her reign spans across three decades, from her first grand slam title in 1999 all the way until now.

Her first title came at the age of 18, and her dominance continues, even at the age of 35. When you see all her titles at once, it's almost overwhelming.

Becoming the greatest tennis player of all time is a monumental achievement, and Williams was happy she got to do it with her sister by her side.

“Playing Venus, it’s stuff that legends are made of,” Serena said. “I couldn’t have written a better story. I just feel it was the right moment. Everything kind of happened. It hasn’t quite set in yet, but it’s really good.”

Her reaction after winning the match was priceless, and certainly something she will relive in her mind for the rest of her life.

Greatness only comes around every so often, and Williams is the definition of the word. The craziest part is, she's not done dominating yet.