Former NFL player and current analyst Warren Sapp apologized to former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey for publicly calling him a "snitch" in regards to "bountygate."

In a radio appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, Sapp claims he met with Shockey and told him, "'I apologize for putting it on the street level and making it derogatory towards you.'"

However, even though he apologized to the former Saint and current Panther tight end, Sapp wasn't about to back down off of his original claim.

"The information that was passed to me, I stand by my source, but I hate that I put it on a level, that wasn't where it should be," Sapp explained. "That's what I apologized for, because I put it on a way lower level than it should've been."

Jeremy Shockey completely denied the accusation, and received vocal support from several former Saints teammates. Most speculation was that the "snitch" was a former defensive coach.

Of course, recent "bountygate" evidence shared by the league suggests there was certainly pay-for-performance incentives for Saints players, but nothing to suggest there was 3 years of a "bounty program."