This is video form the 1981 NFL Draft, as aired by ESPN.

The New Orleans Saints, with the top pick in the draft, and the first under new head coach Bum Phillips, select running back George Rogers, the 1980 Heisman Trophy winner, out of South Carolina.

The Saints have been criticized for the pick of Rogers over north Carolina linebacker Lawrence Taylor, but you knew it was coming, as Bum Phillips relied on a ground attack, and Rogers was the closest thing to Earl Campbell that he was going to get in New Orleans.

And no, Rogers didn't have the Hall of Fame NFL career that Taylor had, but it's not like he was a bust. Rogers, not counting the strike-shortened 1982 season, played in three other season for the Saints, eclipsing 1,000 twice, including his rookie season in 1981, when he rushed for 1,674 yards, which is still a team record to this day.