Yesterday, New Orleans Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson announced a  restructured ownership succession plan upon his death, one that would give his wife Gayle full control of both franchises.

The succession plan was a change from his previous one. Under the old plan, 60% ownership to would've been given to his daughter Renee LeBlanc, 20% ownership to grandson Ryan LeBlanc, and 20% ownership to granddaughter Rita-Benson LeBlanc.

Rita-Benson LeBlanc was once handpicked by Benson to be his successor.

Today, the LeBlancs filed a suit against Benson, claiming him to be incompetent to control the two franchises, according to a story from Jeff Duncan of The Times-Picayune. The suit attempts to block the recent change in succession plan.

The lawsuit, which be be read here, claims Benson is in far worse health than perceived by the public, citing several surgeries, health scares, and memory loss that Benson has undergone in the last year. Benson is 87 years old.

One page of the suit alleges that Benson was asked to name the current President of the United States. His response was "Ronald Reagan."

The suit also portrays Gayle Benson, 67, as a manipulative gold-digger who has worked hard to shelter Benson from family and friends.

UPDATE: Tom Benson released statement, responding to the lawsuit. Read his statement here.