Athletes are asking themselves, "How badly do I want to go to the Rio Olympics? Is it work possibly getting Zika?" Apparently, NBA players are immune to the Zika virus.

Carmelo Anthony thought about staying away for a while, but he must have read a couple medical journals in the last few weeks. Melo, along with other big NBA Names (DeAndre Jordan, Jimmy Butler, DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry), decided playing for their country outweighed the risk of getting sick from Rio’s disgusting, infected water.

LeBron said no to the Zika Games, but he said he’s sitting out for different health reasons. He’s tired from dominating the NBA Finals, and he needs to rest. OK, LeBron. You’re allowed.

Klay Thompson is still going to play for Team USA, despite playing in the NBA Finals as well. His fellow Splash Brother and league MVP Steph Curry is going with the LeBron approach though. After getting knocked around and beat up in the playoffs, he’s going to rest up and drink some Muscle Milk.

Kevin Durant, Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins and other NBA stars haven’t officially committed yet, but they’re almost locks for the Olympics too. The hardwood must give you immunity to Zika, or they just plan on drinking Gatorade the whole trip.

Stars from other sports, like Ireland’s Rory McIlroy, don't want anything to do with it. The face of European golf is staying as far away from the Zika virus as humanly possible.

“After speaking with those close to me, I’ve come to realize that my health, and my family’s health, comes before anything else,” McIlroy stated. “Even though the risk from the Zika virus is considered low, it is a risk nonetheless, and a risk I am unwilling to take.”

Rory doesn’t want to put himself or his family in danger, and his logic makes a lot of sense. Even if the chances of getting Zika are low, are you willing to risk the life of your future children?

Other Olympians are freezing their sperm before heading to Rio, to ensure the safety of their future family members if anything were to go wrong. Better safe than sorry, right?

So it appears the best athletes in the world have a few options: stay home, hope you don’t get Zika, or freeze your sperm. Welcome to the Olympics, don’t drink the water.