The Ragin' Cajuns game against Appalachian State was on a Wednesday, but who said you can't party on a weekday?

I'm not sure whether people faked sick, asked off of work for their boss, or got the day off for the game, but Cajun Nation was out in full force for another edition of Ragin' Cajuns Tailgate TV, brought to you by Academy Sports and Outdoor and Service Chevrolet Cadillac. All I had to do was find the fun, and the world's biggest pot of gumbo.

Where else would you expect to find the biggest gumbo pot on the face of the Earth, aside from Cajun country? Chef Wesley and his crew cooked up over 6,400 lbs of liquid gold and served it up to hundreds, if not thousands, of hungry fans. Not only was the gumbo plentiful, it was flavorful. With that many mouths to feed, you would expect the spice ratio to get out of wack...but I should have known better.

I wiped the sweat off my brow, after eating my own hefty helping of gumbo, and went searching for my weekly winners for the $100 Academy gift card and the backpack cooler from Service Chevrolet. When I saw two bros wearing togas, toting a case of beer (without any ice), I knew exactly who needed the backpack cooler. I hooked them up with the goods from Service Chevrolet, to make sure those beautiful beers didn't start getting warm in the hot Louisiana sun. It was the right thing to do, and it was my public service for the day.

I usually try to find some Cajun creativity for the $100 Academy gift card, but this week I gave it to a man nicknamed "Shorty," in hopes I could take a spin in his sweet ride.

Shorty wanted to make sure the Cajuns had some cool vibes going into the game against Appalachian State, so he decided to bust out his baby. He drove his '67 Cutlass to the tailgate, and it caught my eye immediately.

It was a classic ride, complete with black leather, shiny rims and swagger to match its driver. I didn't get behind the wheel, but I made sure Shorty drove home with the gift card.

What did I learn in this week's episode? Simple: even on a weekday, Cajuns can find a party, or create one themselves...and I even found a special guest this week. You'll have to watch the video to find out who made a cameo, but I'll give you a hint: the man plays a mean accordion.

Only two more home games remain on the schedule, which means we only have two more weekends together at the tailgate. I expect everyone to break out the big guns for homecoming, and the only way to make football season last past the final game is to eat enough food to turn me into a hibernating bear. As always, I'll see you out at the tailgate.