Before the NFL lockout began 118 days ago, the Seattle Seahawks reportedly offered the Philadelphia Eagles a trade package that included a first-round pick in exchange for quarterback Kevin Kolb. Matt Hasselbeck is set to become a free agent when the lockout is lifted, and Charlie Whitehurst is not starter material. However, a look at the recent history of trades for quarterbacks might make the Seahawks reconsider their offer for Kolb. Len Pasquarelli of the Sports XChange, courtesy of Yahoo! sports, has more, followed by more blogging from Scott.

Daunte Culpepper lasted one season in Miami, and in return for a second-round pick the Dolphins got only four starts. Jake Plummer never played a snap in Tampa Bay after being acquired from the Denver Broncos. Brian Griese proved to be itinerant. Steve McNair played well at times in Baltimore, but faded in his second year with the Ravens. Matt Schaub has posted impressive numbers in Houston, but the Texans are still seeking a first playoff berth. The Washington Redskins appear prepared to dump Donovan McNabb after only one season.

Pasquarelli makes great points, though I disagree with him about Steve McNair. While his stay in Baltimore was short, the Ravens were 13-3 in his first year as a starter. The Ravens only gave up a 4th round selection for him.

 Matt Cassel just led the Chiefs to their first division title  in 7 years, while Jay Cutler led the Bears to an NFC North title and an appearance in the NFC championship game.

However, when looking at the last 5 or 6 years, there are more examples of QB trades that have failed than worked. If your team is in the trade market for a "franchise" quarterback, remember this. The market can be deceptive.