Many baseball fans scratched their heads in confusion Monday night when it was announced that superstar Cardinal first basemen Albert Pujols would be playing at third. Actually, third base isn't anything new for the St. Louis slugger. Here is more yahoo sports and Big League Stew.

With the team struggling to fill the hot corner after David Freese's broken hand, Pujols offered to cross the diamond and start at third base for the first time since Sept. 23, 2002. It was a crazy idea, but not that crazy. The first baseman, after all, came up in the Cardinals' farm system as a third baseman, played two innings there as a sub earlier this season and has been taking grounders during practice.

Pujols started where?

How can you not love Albert Pujols? With word coming out of New York that long-time Yankee Jorge Posada refused to play after being removed from the lineup by his manager, it was another example of a star baseball player refusing to do what's best for the team. Posada was so upset, he claimed he never wanted to play for the Yankees again. Compare that with Albert Pujols volunteering to move to a position he had not played in 10 years to help his manager. Albert is arguably the biggest star in major league baseball. He has always done what's best for the team.