Yes, it's still very early, but Andy Staples, of, lists his post-spring college football Top 25. Staples has LSU ranked fourth. View the rankings, below.

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops

My sincerest apologies for the lateness of this year's post-spring Top 25. We had every intention of trotting out this sucker during the first week of May, but someone had other ideas.

That someone is little Maggie Staples, who was supposed to join us on May 10. Instead, she decided she wanted the diamond to be her birthstone and ran a fullback dive out of the womb in the last week of April. So I've been on paternity leave the last few weeks.

Since I'm anatomically incapable of feeding the newborn, I was tasked with making sure our toddler son didn't try to stuff his infant sister -- whom he still believes is a stunningly lifelike action figure -- into the basket where he keeps his Hot Wheels. This led me to watch even more toddler-themed television than usual.