Last week, the talk was about a rematch.

This week, while the talk continues, it has now shifted to the Southeastern Conference ranking 1-2-3 in the BCS Standings.

And, of course, the pundits still talk about Alabama and LSU, like it's a foregone conclusion.  Some discuss what a mess it becomes if Arkansas beats LSU this Friday.

The reality of the situation, though, is there's a lot of football to be played, or, should I say, a lot of important football to be played.

LSU and Alabama should have the inside track to the top two in the BCS.  All they have to do is win out, right?

Well, yes.  And no.

There are scenarios where LSU and Alabama won't be playing each other in New Orleans.

Right now LSU is #1, Alabama is #2 and Arkansas is #3.  Either LSU or Arkansas will lose this week.  Alabama is at Auburn.  Let's assume LSU and Alabama both win their games (both are double-digit favorites.)

Well, that would pretty much lock up a rematch, right?

Not so fast my friends.

I am still of the opinion many fans and voters really don't want to see a rematch of the game played on November 5th, won by LSU, 9-6 in overtime.

And, this year, it appears the voters are going to have the power.

If LSU and Alabama win, Arkansas falls in the rankings....probably to no higher than fifth, and maybe lower.

That brings us to the games of December 3rd.  LSU would be playing Georgia for the SEC title.  Alabama would be idle.

And Oklahoma State hosts Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State is currently ranked #4 in the BCS.  And, they are so low because the voters in the Harris Poll and USA Today have them sixth.  Despite their loss to Iowa State on Friday night, OSU is still ranked second by the compters, narrowly over Alabama.  If OSU and Alabama both win, OSU gets the bigger computer bump by having faced a higher rated opponent in the final game of the season.

That would leave it up to the voters.  As I said earlier, Arkansas would fall, probably behind Oklahoma State, since OSU would have one loss and Arkansas two.  Virginia Tech and Stanford are also rated ahead of OSU right now.  But an OSU win over OU would mean more than a Virginia Tech win over Clemson or a Stanford win in the Pac-12 championship.

There might be enough, should OSU get a semi-convincing win, to push OSU up in the human polls.  The computer might be enough to do the rest.

So, even without massive upsets, it's possibile Oklahoma State can get there.  It will all depend on how the voters look at the Cowboys after the Oklahoma game.

And, how much they want to see LSU and Alabama play again.