Today we celebrate the 236 year old birthday of our great United States of America. As our Country grows older, let's celebrate the oldest professional jocks of All-Time.

For starters, Jamie Moyer (pictured left) is 49 years old and earned two wins earlier this season. The first victory made him the oldest pitcher to win a game in the big leagues. He's also played professionally on the diamond in four different decades. Not bad for an old man, right?

Whether it's a hockey player in his 50s, a boxer in his 60s, or a shot putter in his 100s (seriously!), there are only a few distinct jocks who competed professionally well past the average athlete's prime. has compiled a photo gallery of the 11 oldest pro jocks ever. Click here to find out about the 104 year old shot putter, the 60 year old boxer, and other "old" athletes that inspired fans everywere.