Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer sold his home today, the latest hint that Palmer will never play for the Bengals again. He demanded a trade in March, and now his longtime teammate Chad Ochocinco has spoken on the matter. Speaking of Ochocinco, he may not play in a Bengal uniform again either. Here is more from

Ochocinco said that if Palmer comes out of character, and says he wants out or is going to retire, then the Bengals should listen to what he says.

"I know him really well. He will sit out, he will retire," Ochocinco said from the Atlanta Motor Speedway, where he rode in a car with Sprint Cup driver Jeff Burton. Ochocinco added that Palmer is "frustrated" and wants a "fresh start."

The one snag in a potential Palmer trade is Bengals owner Mike Brown. When asked about trading his franchise quarterback, Brown has consistently said it will not happen.

I believe Chad. If Carson says he'll retire if he's not traded, that's exactly what Palmer will do.

Another offseason question for Bengal fans is if Ochocinco will be back. The Bengals hold a $6 million team option on him, and could be willing to let him walk.