You probably wouldn’t guess Nick Lee is a freshmen. From the way he pitches, to his 6’4” frame, to the domination he displays as a weekend starter, everything indicates he’s a veteran.

At this point in the baseball season, Lee really isn’t a freshman anymore. He has a ton of starts under his belt, and his first year of collegiate baseball was the stuff of dreams.

“It was incredible. It was everything I expected and more,” Lee said. “All the fans, the support throughout the year…we started off slow, but it’s not how you start off, it’s how you finish.”

Lee will be on a full week’s rest for the Lafayette Regional, and the team is catching full stride heading into win-or-go-home baseball. With ten straight wins and a deadly arsenal of arms, Lee and the rest of the team are brimming with confidence.

“Everything is starting to click right now,” Lee said.

Most of the season, Lee and the pitchers had to get by with streaky run support. The bats are backing up the arms now, and Coach Robichaux’s fielders are getting in a groove with the gloves as well. When pitchers get help, they settle into games. When Coach Robe’s pitchers get in the rocking chair, they rock the opponents to sleep.

In terms of their matchup with the rest of their regional bracket (#4 Princeton, #3 Sam Houston State, #2 Arizona), Lee saw a little bit of it coming.

“We kind of had an idea we would match up with Sam Houston State, but we didn’t really know about the other two,” Lee said. With their starting pitchers, he doesn’t sound overly concerned, “I think we have four guys that go out there and get the job done, so we’re good.”

Lee, Gunner Leger, Wyatt Marks and Evan Guillory give Coach Robe options, and choices are good to have this late in the season. Whenever Lee’s name gets called, he will have a chance to get the Cajuns one step closer to a super regional.

The Sun Belt Freshman of the Year is coming back to M.L. Tigue Moore Field to throw one more game. Make sure you don’t miss it.