According to a Yahoo! sports report, the NFL has a copy of a New Orleans Saints ledger that was used to detail weekly earnings (non-contract) for players, such as $1,000 for cart-offs, and $100 deductions for mental errors.

The report also cites sources that claim the NFL showed portions of the ledger when meeting with some of the players who were investigated in the "bounty" scandal.

From Jason Cole of Yahoo! sports:

 Regardless of whether the money was paid out or not, the mere implication of a cash payment for such plays is considered a violation of league rules.NFL Players Association spokesman George Atallah said via text message that the league "made mention" of the ledger in a meeting with the union in April, but that the NFLPA had not seen the ledger yet.

As a result, Atallah called into question the use of the ledger as "evidence."

Yahoo Sports!: New Orleans Saints kept a 'ledger' detailing weekly earnings in bounty scandal

The ledger may not prove that payments were actually handed out, but it could be damning evidence for the Saints when used to prove the existence of a bounty system.

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