The NCAA smacked Southeastern University with sanctions for lack of institutional control Tuesday after learning that 137 academically ineligible athletes participated in various sports over a five year period, according to an article by the Associated Press.

The majority of the ineligible athletes came from the football and men's basketball programs, but the punishment falls upon the entire athletic administration. The university did themselves a favor by reporting the transgressions to the NCAA and suggesting self-imposed actions, but here's the final cost.

The athletic department will pay a $25,000 fine, spend the next four years under probation, undergo an audit of its compliance department, vacate victories from 2005-2010, and sacrifice scholarships in nearly every sport.

The men's football team will lose three scholarships next year and gain one back for 2014-2015, while the men's basketball team's scholarships will drop from 13 to 11 the next two years. The baseball and women's basketball teams both lost a full scholarship for the next two years to come, but there is one silver lining.

The sanctions will not affect the Lions' current FCS playoff run, where the football team faces a quarterfinal matchup against New Hampshire on Saturday.

Southeastern said 90 percent of the issues arose over issues with a change in major and were in no way intentional efforts to subvert the guidelines but acknowledged the lack of control that led to the issues with compliance.

When the NCAA finds what you let slip through the cracks, you're in for a world of hurt. The residents of Hammond are in for a tough stretch.