After some really interesting games yesterday...My Harris Poll vote is....really...a lot like last week.

I've been undervaluing UCLA.  I've corrected that this week.  Really, after about the top 15, we're kind of recycling teams.  In fact, despite six of my bottom twelve losing, all stay in the poll except for Louisiana-Monroe.

1. Alabama

2. Kansas State

3. Oregon

4. Notre Dame

5. LSU

The top four all won and they stay the same in my poll.  I don't think LSU deserved to be moved down after a great performance in a losing effort.

6. Florida State

7. Georgia

8.  Florida

9. Clemson

10. Louisville

All five stay the same from last week.

11. South Carolina

12. Oklahoma

13. Oregon State

14. Stanford

15. Texas A&M

11-13 are the same as last week.  Then the juggling begins

16. Nebraska

17. Mississippi State

18  Texas

19. UCLA

20. TCU

21. Louisiana Tech

22. West Virginia

23.  USC

24. Texas Tech

25. Boise State

Have a great week.