Weird things happen on the baseball field all the time, but nobody at Alex Box Stadium was ready for LSU's Rally Possum.

Down by four runs in the ninth inning to Arkansas, the Tigers desperately needed a rally. That's when a tiny possum decided to swing the momentum onto their side.

The rally possum ran onto the field, causing a stoppage in the game. After the rally possum left, everything changed. The Razorbacks committed four errors, LSU scored six runs and came all the way back to win the game, 10-9. The comeback story was great, but the internet went crazy over the "opossum in the outfield."

At first, the Arkansas players didn't know how to react to their tiny intimidator.

Eventually, the LSU grounds crew, along with Razorbacks outfielder Carson Shaddy, wrangled the little rascal and got him off the field.

Look, guys. Possums just love baseball. The Oakland A's have a rally possum of their own, so why can't LSU?

Of course, Saturday night was only the beginning of the #RallyPossum takeover. After picking up the possum-powered comeback, LSU's marketing department took the idea and ran with it.

In less than 24 hours, there were already stuffed possums and t-shirts for the Tigers' new adopted mascot.

Everybody fell in love with the Rally Possum, from the fans to the players.

LSU infielder Kramer Robertson took to Twitter after the victory, saying, "Rally Possum?!?! I love it." Did the Tigers just find their new spirit animal?

Once the internet got its hands on the #RallyPossum, things hit another level.

Yes, the rally possum has its own Twitter account. It's picking up followers by the hundreds.

This is the Rally Possum's world, and we're all just living in it.