Linsanity will be leaving the Big Apple and heading South. Multiple reports are stating that point guard Jeremy Lin will be a Houston Rocket because the New York Knicks will refuse to match Houston's restricted free agent tender for the former Harvard point guard.

Nothing will be official until 10:59 tonight, when the deadline passes for New York to match the Rockets offer.

Even with luxury tax penalties stiffer than they were in previous years, some speculate that the Knicks could make up Lin's contract money due to the large Asian audience from around the globe that Lin can bring the team.

New York management encouraged Lin to test his market value heading into the offseason. There are still questions about whether or not Lin can sustain his level of play that created "Linsanity" back in March.

There's still time between when this blog is posted and 10:59. Perhaps Knicks owner James Dolan will change his mind between now and then. He's known to be fickle at times. However, at this point, it would be a surprise if Linsanity doesn't move down to Houston.