Jamal Robinson made some silly catches as a Ragin' Cajun. Want to watch them all? We thought so.

In his four year-career, Robinson hauled in 156 passes for 2,653 yards and 20 TD's. He made Sportscenter's Top 10 multiple times with acrobatic catches, and he regularly pulled of plays that made your jaw drop. Throw in a few vicious stiff arms, and you start to see the professional potential. Highlight reels can be deceiving, but Robinson can back it all up.

NFL scouts are taking a long, hard look at Robinson before this year's draft. If they watch this tape, they might pay even more attention to his upcoming Pro Day.

With some injuries on his medical report, Robinson is going to need a general manager or draft team to trust in his health and major upside. There is a chance he could go to the next level and develop into a receiver that can go up and beat a DB in single coverage. He did it time and time again as a Cajun, and at 6'4" and 215 lbs, he has the body type to translate to the next level.

NFL quarterbacks love having a big, physical receiver to go up and get a ball in coverage. Meet Jamal Robinson, exactly what you've been looking for.

If only there was a professional football team in Louisiana that could scoop him up before the rest of the league discovers him...(somebody call the Saints, please).