An announcement today by the ACC could mark the end of the conference realignment madness that has unfolded in the last few years.

Schools presidents in the Atlantic Coast Conference agreed to a grant of media rights for their schools that will run though 2026-2027.

What does that mean? If a current member leaves for another conference, the ACC would retain the school's media rights for all home games. For example, if Florida State were to leave the ACC for the SEC, and make $10 million in TV revenue in one season of home games, that money would then go to the ACC.

Any school's rationale for leaving one conference for another is financially driven. Being unable to reap the financial benefits of a TV deal in another conference will likely deter any ACC schools from departing.

Schools already have to pay an exit fee in the whereabouts of $20 million to leave the ACC. That, coupled with the grant of media rights, will likely slow down the revolving door of conference realignment.

According to Brett McMurphy of, the Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12 already have a grant of rights in place.