Oh my. Today we feature the ravishing Monica Bellucci in a set of some very hot GIFs. We're not ready for this level of sultriness.

Miss Bellucci hails from Italy and was originally supposed to go into law. A bit of modeling on the side during college led to her actually become a model and then an actress. Since she got her start in film, she's become a full-fledged sex symbol because of her gorgeous face and incredibly sexy, curvaceous body. She's had countless roles in which she'd play a seductress. You might remember her best as Persephone from 'The Matrix Revolutions' or Veronica in 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice,' but she's starred in a host of international films over the years. Chances are that you've viewed some of her more choice scenes on certain websites. It's alright, we won't tell your secret.

Check out the GIFs below of the incredible Miss Bellucci and find yourself fantasizing about this timelessly gorgeous lady.