After the Nuggets defeated the Lakers last night in Denver, there was only one remaining unbeaten team in the NBA. The New Orleans Hornets might be 7-0, but head coach Monty Williams is all business, and as he puts it, sometimes "boring." Jimmy Smith of the Times Picayune covered Williams demeanor and purpose.

"I know you guys get tired of me saying the same thing," Williams said following Friday's workout at the Alario Center, "but it just comes with being boring. To me, nobody gets a trophy for being unbeaten this early in the season. Even if you went 82-0, you still have to win 16 (more) to get it done.

"We don't talk about playoffs or championships. We just talk about getting better. And that's been the focus for me. I've had so many things on my mind since June, I've just had to put things in a box and keep the main thing the main thing. And that's just where I am."

The Hornets host the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday night in New Orleans Arena, seeking their eighth straight win, and sixth against a 2009-10 playoff team.

Williams is well acquainted with the Blazers, having coached there before joining the Hornets, but any familiarity he has with Portland, Williams said, doesn't make game preparation any easier.

"I'm familiar with San Antonio and that doesn't make it any easier," Williams said. "Utah has run the same stuff for 23 years and they still win games. You've got to go out there and play and make adjustments. But it doesn't make it any easier." (for Smith's entire article click here)

Not much emotion from a guy who has yet to lose a game as a head coach. For a team with a lot of new faces, a more calm and "emotionless" demeanor from the man in charge is the right direction to go. As Monty indicates, the NBA season is long, 82 games to be exact. One can't get too high or too low in November. Who can question his approach? After all, he is undefeated.