Scott is out, but for a good reason. He's busy taking care of his first born son, Calloway Charles Prather. Welcome to the ESPN 1420 family, buddy.

I filled in for Scott this week, while he's out enjoying some hangout time with Calloway and Lizzi. Whenever he comes back, he'll probably have all types of stories to share...but for now, how about some sports?

Jay Bird and I welcomed Calloway into the 1420 family, chatted about Ragin' Cajun Softball in the Sun Belt Tournament, reveled in the rivalry between Cajun Baseball and South Alabama and ask whether you are going to let Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao steal more of your money for another fight.

With Scott out, I tried my best to keep the funny T-shirts and smack talk going. He'll be back soon, but let the man enjoy some time off with his baby boy. Have you seen Calloway? He should probably get some extra days off due to cuteness.